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Petrol Heads – thanks Mark

There are people that like their cars and there are people that lurve their cars. These are the so called petrol heads.  At first glance at tonight’s meeting theme, I thought golly gosh!  What on earth … and then with a little help from Google I have managed a list of Table Topics that I think will get you from first … into top gear …

Top Gear – James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkeson have got to be the most famous (or infamous) Petrol Head trio that there ever was.  What TV programme do you ‘secretly’ love to watch even though you know you really shouldn’t?

CarFest – founded by probably the other most famous Car Enthusiast and radio presenter Chris Evans.  It raises funds for BBC Children in Need, a British charity.  To date it has raised almost £10m. What is the best thing you have done to support a fundraising activity?

Classic Cars – I had a sunshine yellow MGB sports car with a rubber bumper.  Whilst I loved that car, the under the bonnet benefit was the number of friends I made through the MG Owners club.  Apart from the obvious – Salisbury Speakers – what has been the best club you have joined and why?

Motorhead – Ian Fraser Kilmister, better known as Lemmy, founded and fronted the rock band Motörhead. Its music was one of the foundations of the heavy metal genre – if I’m honest, not my thing, but I did see them in Budapest in 2011.  How about you?  Love it or hate it – heavy metal music?

Monster Truck – A film that came out this time last year that I didn’t get to see.  It’s about a guy who wanted to stop fracking which is destroying the environment.  Having caught bits on Netflix now so pleased I missed it.  Are there any films you didn’t get to see that you’re glad you didn’t spend good money on?

Flat Tire – this is the name of a beer made by Pistonhead – the links are getting more tenuous now!!  Boyfriend was very happy to have been bought a case by his son for Christmas.  What was the Christmas present that has made you most merry?

  1. Table topics should be designed so that they initiate a conversation around the table.  They should be easy enough to illicit a response from the person you have asked the question of.
  2. The challenge for the Toastmaster is to frame a response that takes the form of a speech.
  3. The Topic Evaluator is looking for a firm close which links back to the interesting opening gambit, maybe some key points, or a purpose or an entertaining story told with great content, body language and voice projection.

No pressure then?  Check this article out for more information Toastmasters

Have a go – you have between 1-2 minutes which is about 300 words.  Post the response to any one of the topics or upload a video clip.  That’d be fun!


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