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Sage, Age & Perspective

As a lady of a certain age, I have a vested interest in ‘Sageism’ – I thought it might be worth confessing this at the start!

The thing is there are many species of sage – and I’d like to put this into perspective … according to Southern Living, there are more than 900! And that, I suggest, represents pretty much, the vagaries you will find in the older workforce!

Economically, the country is pretty much in full employment with many ‘older’ folk heading into retirement,  Financially, many can retire right now!  Question is – do we really want them to?  We don’t have enough manpower in the UK with what is considered to be full employment and the Brexit immigration issue, and moreover, do we have the managerial knowledge to support future growth.

We, the ‘end of era’ baby boomers, have benefited from some significant training programmes that weren’t made available to the following cohorts due to the flattening of the managerial hierarchy.  We have also put to test many of the economic & management theories that were espoused in prior years:

  • Scientific Theory by Frederick W. Taylor.
  • Administrative Theory by Henri Fayol.
  • Bureaucratic Theory by Max Weber.
  • Human Relations Theory by Elton Mayo.
  • Systems Theory by Ludwig con Bertalanffy.
  • X&Y Theory by Douglas McGregor.

to name but a few!

I would suggest that every one of us old age sages has a story or few to share that can add significant insights into the way we build and develop our businesses.  To tap into this SAGE resource, a business might ask:

How do you build wisdom into your business strategy?  How might you promote listen learning?  And how do you actively recruit a Sage?

Not only is ageism another discrimination issue (of which there are many others that need contesting), but you could be doing your business out of a significant benefit.  Us oldies may not be so quick of the mark re the latest online apps and may find reading ‘stuff’ on the LAP TOP DIFFICULT!  However, we are able to adjust and adapt and add a little patience when giving insights into business development that may not have been considered in the frenzied world of 21st century commerce!

Plus we understand the psyche of our own age-group that does have significant purchasing power … Just saying … that that is worth putting into perspective!



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