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Test your Market for Proof

Before you begin your marketing efforts in earnest, it is good business practice, almost essential in fact, to speak to a sample of your target audience first. By doing this you will be able to test and confirm that the profile of your target audience is correct. You will also be able to test your assumptions about what you think they want and why they would buy from you.

You can do this by speaking directly to a small focus group and putting questions to them that test these assumptions. Or you can carry out a survey in the form of a questionnaire that is sent to a sample of your target audience. Alternatively, you could do this with passers-by in a carefully chosen target location that is frequented by your ideal customers.

You could also speak to your existing customers or, even better, the clients of your competitors if that is possible.

Once you’ve spoken to a sample of people in your target market, and you are satisfied that you have confirmed your assumptions about their needs, you will be in a position to develop or fine tune your marketing proposition and promotional campaign to attract others.


With a thorough understanding of the needs of your ideal customers, you should aim to have a business and marketing proposition that is based on four criteria, which provide your target customers with a product or service that is:

  • Exactly what they want.
  • Available precisely when they need it.
  • Accessible in a way that is convenient for them.
  • At a price they can afford and are prepared to pay.

If you are not convinced that your proposition meets all four of these criteria, you will need to study and redefine the profile of your market again and revise what it is you are offering.

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