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Tag: Research, Analysis and Evaluation

Feasibility and/or Viability? – Business Maths

A feasibility study, may well provide the reasons not to proceed; It may enable the exploration of other new options to be thoroughly investigated. Above all it is concerned with providing qualitative and quantitative information that helps effective decision making.

Getting Paid – Business Finance

A few statistical facts: 25% of all business failures are a direct result of cash flow problems.  90% of business owners say they would pay their suppliers promptly if they […]

Best Price – really?

There are businesses that have made a fortune piling high and selling cheap. When I first started working with New Look that was very much their strategy and may still […]

The Passion That Drives Us

Many (many) years ago when I was about 10 or so, my friends and I had a space ship.  We built it from scaffolding poles, planks of wood, space hoppers […]