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The Silver Lining

At the Sydney Olympics Nick Rogers and his team mate Joe Glanfield came fourth in their sailing event.  Two points short of the bronze medal – they were gutted!  After a year of tripping over their bottom lips their coach finally kicked them into touch and they started preparing for Athens 2004.  This is what he got them doing.

Play to win – all the time!  Develop this mindset.  Live the ethos whether you are sailing, playing chess or playing snap.

If you fail – let it go!  There is no point in dwelling on what might have been, learn from your mistakes, put them to bed and look for the next opportunity to win.

Go for perfection – make this your goal!  This becomes a constant drive rather than specific milestones.

Aim to be the best at one aspect – not be an all rounder!  Prioritise what you want to be the best at and focus all your efforts on that.

Copy the best tools – rip them off unashamedly!  Whether it be the best boat, the best sails, the best shoes, no shoes.

Copy the best attitudes and techniques – rip them off unashamedly!  Practice them and make them your own.

Don’t praise the under dogs – they are losers after all!  Praising those who don’t do a good job develops a laissez faire mind set.

Develop a consistent positive stance – Yes I am going to win!  Unnerve the competition and reinforce own confidence.

Perform to perfection – you know you will win this way!  If you don’t win it will be something that has happened outside your complete control.

Don’t take risks – unless you find you are the underdog and it’s GOLD or NOTHING!  Those risks can be so very costly if you are unlucky.

Sure they were disappointed they didn’t get a Gold. But the huge excitement of their friends, their families and the nation of winning any medal for Great Britain was a superb silver lining. 

Nick Rogers (sailor).jpg

This post is a summary of a speech from Nick and Joe in support of the London Olympic bid.  I found it when researching for a different project and thought it was worth sharing.

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