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Three Wheels on My Wagon

Don’t read this post … oh too late. If you’ve read the title, THAT tune is already in your head for the next … (your guess!)

I heard it on Radio Two’s Junior Choice this Christmas Day and it’s been bugging me ever since.  However, over the many miles I have done this Christmas, it occurred to me that there is a message in the lyrics. 

If like many others you want to make a change in your business or your life choices perhaps, the chances are you have been musing over it in the last few days.  Possibly wondering if you will, in fact, do it; previous attempts at New Years’ Resolutions have been less than successful after all?

Perhaps it is worth considering what the New Christy Minstrels meant when they sang about how to manage those challenging Cherokees.  And if one of your wheels does fall off … well, is it the end of resolution or just a setback?

Three wheels on my wagon and I’m still rolling along – The Cherokees are chasing me, Arrows fly, Right on by, But I’m singing a happy song!

Chorus …  “I’m singing a higgity, haggity, hoggety, high, Pioneers, they never say die!  A mile up the road there’s a hidden cave and we can watch those Cherokees, Go galloping by!

Spoken: “George, they’re catching up to us!” … “Get back in the wagon woman!”

“Two wheels on my wagon And I’m still rolling along – Them Cherokees are after me, Flaming spears, Burn my ears, But I’m singing a happy song!

Chorus …

Spoken:  “Duh, Paw? Are you sure this is the right road?” … “Will you hush up? You and your maps!”

“One wheel on my wagon And I’m still rolling along – Them Cherokees after me, I’m all in flames, At the reins, But I’m singing a happy song!

Chorus …

Spoken:  “George? Should I get the bag of beads and trinkets?” … “Woman, I know what I’m doing!”

“No wheels on my wagon, So I’m not rolling along – The Cherokees captured me, They look mad, Things look bad, But I’m singing a happy song!

Spoken: “C’mon all you Cherokees, sing along with me!”

Chorus …

The McHarrie Morals of this story …

  • Whatever your Cherokees, don’t give in even if one or more of your wheels falls off before you have found your hidden cave. 
  • Be aware of the whispers in your ear they might be worth listening to.
  • If the Cherokees do get you – there is always next year, make friends with them in the meantime.

Happy New Year everyone!

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