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How Far has your Bottle Gone?

No doubt (at all) that you set out some objectives for your business this year.  You popped them in a proverbial bottle and sent them sailing.  How far have they got?  We are almost half way through the financial year … can you remember what you stuffed inside that bottle?

th-1Maybe, now is as good a time as any to get a progress check and reiterate some short term objectives for the rest of the year.  I’ve highlighted the word short.  One of my recent key learnings is how important short term goals are to motivation.  I had forgotten this.  Whilst a great vision may inspire many in the corporate arena, for most micro-businesses, small quick and regular wins are so much more important to keep the momentum flowing.

This means; whatever you set out to achieve in April is what can be done realistically by the end of September.    And therefore reviewed in September. And then …  new and clearer objectives can set for the following six months will be reviewed at the end of March …

And so on … of course.

If you have a business buddy or mentor or advisor or accountant, then this is a perfect time to plan your measurable objectives and your review dates.

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