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I don’t want a Banana Nut Muffin

A couple of days ago I renewed my connection with Gwyn Jones via a text message.  Today, I bumped into him at the end of an East Dorset Business Network meeting.

As a result of our bumping, he has reacquainted me with amazing stuff that is going on regarding sustainability; particularly in relation to imbedding this in business school curicula.  Moreover, he sent me the link to this and a couple of other TED Talks.  I am sharing this; as I am on a similar journey right now.

banana nut muffin

How great is this as a lesson in the importance of the introduction?

Who else wants to create data that has soul?

How many of us hate that ‘one opportunity for growth’ piece of feedback?

And … who like me … never wants to taste a banana nut muffin – imagine the carb content!

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