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Tag: Ronovan Writes

Bored? – (Shi-Rensa Haiku)

When time doth drag on, Dust off the boredom dandruff – Seek a diversion. -o0o- Seek a diversion, Count back from ninety in threes? Rise to the challenge. -o0o- Rise […]

Wake – (Weekly Decima Prompt #61)

Flotsam and jetsam could disturb, Whatever follows in your wake. It would be good not to mistake Those gems, (that had seemed quite superb), May well shift, switch, and so […]

Ice Bath – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #358)

Increase endorphins, Lower heart, rapid beating – Plunge into ice bath. (Haiku) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #358 – RAPID & PLUNGE. Click through for the rules, if you […]

Sleep! – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #357)

Memory leaking … How high is your refresh rate? Go to sleep sooner. (Senryu) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #357 – HIGH & REFRESH. Click through for the rules, […]

Make Shift – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #353)

At some point branch out – Move beyond what’s expected, Making swift such change (Senryu) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #353 – Branch & Swift ). Click through for […]

Bless You! – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #352)

Spring nudges nature. Bees tickle pink blossoms that … Sneeze ‘golden’ pollen! Add ants, ticks, fruit flies and fleas; All pesky prices to pay. (Tanka) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku […]

Revolution? – (Weekly Decima Prompt #51)

Honour culture has claimed its cause. For many a millennia Males led the differentia. A ‘duel’ would resolve the flaws, Countless lives were lost – just because. Then rule of […]

The Storm – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #351)

Take comfort, When feelings erupt – They will calm. (Lune) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #351 – Comfort & Erupt). Click through for the rules, if you too, would […]

Negotiate – (Weekly Decima Prompt #50)

Prepare, so as not to be floored, Consider the alternate view, If you are seeking to breakthrough The zone of potential accord. Look for what each might afford, To lessen […]

Sleep! – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #349)

At twilight tis good, To lose the chirp in your head – And so wake refreshed. (Senryu) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #350 – CHIRP & TWILIGHT. Click through […]

Choices – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #349)

In life there are those, Who like cookies soft not crisp – But there’s room for both! (Senryu) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #349 – CRISP & SOFT. Click […]

Get Ahead – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #348)

Be nobody’s fool; Decide where you’d like to be – To get your head start. (Senryu) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #348 – FOOL & HEAD. Click through for […]

Start! – (Weekly Decima Prompt #45)

You’ve a great idea; take heart, Don’t listen to that niggling doubt; Check whether it has any clout. If research looks good on the chart, Don’t wait, take a step, […]

Stuck – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #347)

Ease the ache and pain, Stretch your imagination – When your state is stuck. (Senryu) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #347 – ACHE & EASE. Click through for the […]

Bored? – (Weekly Haiku Prompt)

Where does time fly, When you’re having so much fun? Yet, it does not slip – When you have nothing to do, Nowhere to go, and you’re bored! (Tanka) Post […]

Fly South – (Weekly Haiku Prompt)

When bitter winds blow, Double your weight little bird – Tis time to fly south. (Haiku) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #345 BIRD & BLOW. Click through for the […]

Armed to the Teeth – (Tanka Tuesday)

When life seems quite snug, Let’s not be too complacent. As armed to the teeth, We can fight those things that bite, Knowing we are well covered. (Tanka) This post […]

Wolf Moon – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #343)

Neath the full Wolf Moon, Bare trees crack from Winter’s frost – Eager for Spring’s warmth (Haiku) Haiku inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #343 . Click through for the […]

When – (Weekly Decima Prompt #42)

There are times when it’s good to smile, When a man talks deep to his son, About what he’s lost and he’s won; That fight fought for every mile. -o0o- […]

Float – (Weekly Decima Prompt)

When things that surround us get grim, It’s not so attractive to gloat, That – we are more able to float, When the lights for others go dim. It’s not […]

Kaleidoscope – (Six Sentence Story)

To the Summer we bid farewell, Whilst waving hello to the Fall. As kaleidoscope hues enthral, Halloween weaves its wicked spell. Bellies of seas and dark lakes swell. That final […]