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Category: My Blog Musings

Public Speaking, Toastmasters, Talks, Key Notes, Prose and Poetry … Always learning …

Inside the E-Type

  A Post-Script on Business Vision. Until recently I had never recognised my intuition or gut feelings.  This is because I was born an ‘analytic’.  I learned to be ‘dynamic’ […]

Silence is Deafening

I often get accused of being silent.  In another dimension, my New Look team accused me of being manipulative with my silence – especially when they came to me with […]

Bananas in my Golf Bag

It sounds like it should be a metaphor and potentially one given to us by Harvey Taylor of the Chicken in my Lingerie Drawer fame.  Don’t you think? Actually; bananas […]

My Boomerang’s Just Come Back

I can’t believe it is ten months since I posted my last blog on this site.  To be fair I have been messing about with the BusinessXchange website copy since January […]

Paws for Thought! – THE Eulogy

We lost, today a faithful friend, Came to a short and early end, He was only three, still half grown, Thank you Angus, do have a bone. This cheeky chocolate […]

Sticks and Stones …

… may break my bones but words can never hurt me? If I ever needed confirmation that I didn’t want kids of my own, then last weekend was it!  These […]

No Go Sligo :0(

Last May, I spent a weekend in Cirencester with 200 people that I had never met before.  I know it seems odd!  The Friday evening buffet was a fancy dress […]


Here’s hoping that I am out the other side of a blog block period!  It’s been going on for a couple of months now.  It’s not that I don’t have […]

Dungeons and Dragons

Many, many years ago – 22 to be exact I played Dungeons and Dragons down the pub with a bunch of Debenhams colleagues for the best part of a year, […]

Our Loss; God’s Gain – Eulogy

Heaven won’t know what hit it last night!  The Passionate PA has left us wanting. Sarah Howells died this afternoon after a short but courageous and public fight with breast, […]

Postscrips from Sir Benfro

You have got to listen to this whilst reading this post!  Have a nice day by the Welsh band Sterophonics  … I have just returned from a long weekend […]

Ladies who Lunch

Now you need to know that I am on holiday this week so you must allow me a little leeway in my thought meanderings on this little idiom. This stopping […]

Goodbye Cruel World!

I’ve decided to leave our world this weekend.  The weather is looking perfect for a sojourn into the Land.  I’m going to find a comfortable spot with a stunning view.  […]

Content is Crucial

I loved this utterance by Lord Althorp, Charles Spencer, during “The Speaker”. It is a BBC’s programme on a quest to find Britain’s best young orator. Having eloquent body language, […]

High Touch Relationships

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and so what better time to consider how we build, develop and maintain the important relationships in our lives.  Whether these are business or personal […]

A Fickle Femme – The Writer’s Way

She adds after a fractional hesitation.  “You?” “Bloody, John the store man messed up again today; he gave us three windows up at Portland where none of the glass fitted.  […]


Today I have had the honour of knowing the best of true friendship.  I don’t need to mention those by name as they will know who they are.  And this […]

OMG you didn’t? – The Writer’s Way

In this exercise from The Writer’s Way, Sara Maitland asks us to record snippets of character insights.  Tiny things count.  For example: Your reaction on meeting a person for the first […]

The Five Minute Bio – a Toastmasters Speech (3)

The well-written biography is a fundamental marketing tool for all professionals, whether you are employed or self-employed.  Its power is all too frequently overlooked.  Let me reiterate the why.  Most people […]