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62 Poems – (TTC #345)

Speech Introduction:

Laura McHarrie started her WordPress site in 2007, alongside several friends that did likewise. She didn’t know what she wanted to share back then … and even now it gets used as receptacle of whatever has attracted her attention. You’ll find podcasts, Udemy courses, business advice, her Toastmaster speeches, as well as the Area Director diary. Alongside, there’s her rants and musings … with her speech entitled 62 poems please welcome Laura McHarrie …

Earlier this year, I set up WordPress Ads on my blog with the vague notion of creating a residual income to top up my dwindling purse.  (No Government aid for me.)

In those dozen years, I’ve been posting blogs, I accumulated the “massive” sum of … 34 followers. Ha! I wasn’t going to earn a fortune was I? An ah ha moment! … Let’s find other like-minded bloggers to connect with?

Twas a task easier said than done.  Until, I spotted the WordPress Discover prompt challenge …

Throughout April I duly wrote a post incorporating the word of the day and tagging “Discover Prompt”. I followed the other writers who were participating, especially those who liked and commented on my posts. In return, I read theirs, liked and shared things on the ones I felt I could say something poignantly positive.

Today, some four months later, I have 159 followers. Yay! I feel truly privileged when one of my new friends likes a post and makes a comment. It makes such a difference when, what you write reaches an audience.

I discovered the beauty of the Haiku. Suddenly poetry took on a new interest to me. I loved how the use grammar gets a message across simply. I loved the cadence the pitch and flow. Then, Ronovan introduced me to the Decima, and MMA suggested a Rispetto.  Now, I’m getting all excited. What other styles of poetry could I get the gist of? 

When Richard Reed’s book “If I could tell you just one thing”, landed in my lap; an inkling formed.  There are 62 chapters, each covering the wisdom of his famous friends.  Why not summarise the sage advice in a poem, during the 62 days over the summer?  Yesterday, I piped the last post on that project.

I now, need a new challenge.  I’m keen to try some humour, but there are only so many limericks you can write in a row – so I’m after ideas for tomorrow.  Nothing too onerous mind … this time next week, I’ll have had a major operation on my right hand and will be typing with my forefinger – only. 

By the way – if you’re wondering, if I’ve earned an income from advertising – BONK!  That was me laughing my head off!

(3-Minute Speech)

Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels

I am also and so delighted to link this post to Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge #345

Purpose: The purpose of this Pathways project is to review or introduce the skills needed to write and maintain a blog.

Overview: Post a minimum of eight blog posts in one month. Your blog may be new or one you have already established.


  1. Discover Prompts set me off on my blogging path too. I think it was amazing to interact with so many other people read their takes on the word for the day.

    Looking forward to reading your poetry!

    Hope your operation goes well. Take care. ♥️


  2. Thank you, it has been great meeting all these people around the world, and getting an insight into their lives. I may have to do more reading and less writing while I recover … 🤓.

    Liked by 1 person

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