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Weekly Smile – (TTC #839)

Over the last couple of months; since I purchased a new sewing machine, I have got back into crafting. My crafting is not intricate. I don’t made beautiful cards or perfect pottery. I can however, wield a machine. It’s a habit that I’ve had on the back burner for too many a year. In a bygone era, I could seam a mean dress, skirt or trousers suit and/or a set of pinch pleat curtains. 😃

Since this purchase, I have instigated a work heist; instead I have altered the ruined dining room runner, I have added a blackout blind to the spare room curtains, and I have revamped the sound barrier screen for my podcasts. Moreover, I’ve altered my Barbour rain hat to fit my head. It’s taken me a good 20 years to get round to that!! 🕵️‍♂️

I now need some help to get back into work mode. That includes completing a book of poetry that I have had in mind for far too long; alongside the work I actually get paid for! Any ideas anyone? 😊

Post inspired by Trent’s Weekly Smile. Please do click through for the rules if you, too, would like to join in …

And this post also includes Di’s Monday Three Things Challenge #846 The prompts: HABIT, HEIST, HELP. Do click through for the rules if you too, would like to join in.


  1. Hubby is the needle king in our house as I hate sewing. We have a small machine which he uses with no problems at all. I don;t even know how to load the thread!!
    Thanks for the inclusion today. Nice curtains.

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