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Weekly Smile – (TTC #790)

Well, here we all are, after pretty much, two years of not seeing my family, due to “life” and Covid restrictions. The two little ones at the front are sharing their birthdays (they are three days and three years apart) along with … oh yes … all those missed out Christmas parties. I don’t suppose either youngster would remember, but it didn’t hurt them to share this year!

Despite the beautifully wrapped birthday gifts, the boys seemed to take pride in the fun we had in kitchen – with two roles of wrapping paper tubes and a ping pong ball. I think, I won most of the points but hey – who am I to say – what the rules were? Hah! I also remember when Dad made my Sis and me some stilts out of two old planks of wood; they gave us much more fun than the pogo stick, that was – the trendy gift at the time.

Anyways, back to the table; it’s got to be difficult to sort out what to dish up nowadays, to cater with everyones needs and wants.. I mean, around this table we have, diabetics, vegetarians, as well as us Whole30 enthusiasts! In the olden days, we just ate it all and … well …. dealt with the ‘farting fall out’! Auntie, however, managed to cater for all, feeding the five thousand and providing a fair few doggy bags!

Post inspired by Trent’s Weekly Smile. Please do click through for the rules if you, too, would like to join in …

And this post also includes Di’s Monday Three Things Challenge #790 The prompts: PRIDE
FALL, HURT Do click through for the rules if you too, would like to join in.


  1. Wonderful Laura. I remember family Christmas get togethers, both as host and visitor. Fantastic memories of squirty cream, horseradish and home brew. Such a lovely happy photograph.


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