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Volume Control – (Six Sentence Story)

I have radar ears … I’m not saying they are big or anything but Dumbo was my middle name! 

How I wish I could have a volume control on my hearing – maybe some special buttons to moderate bass and treble too – that way boyfriend can listen to his punk as loud as he likes without my having to put my ear defenders on … it’s not an attractive look! 

I have sensitive hearing; brilliant for listening in on a whispered conversation by your parents about Christmas presents ideas; terrible if it’s the people two rows behind you in a conference you’ve really been looking forward to. You know how loud a whisper can travel even if you have normal hearing?

Perhaps I could have a selective mute button – the opposite of selective hearing; that way I could switch off the ticking clock at night time, or those who chew gum in my presence? I could tone down the loud belligerent bickering that upsets me and with a pair of google glasses, I could just read the subtitles.  Come on you tech guys … that’d be so good.


Post inspired by Denise’s Six Sentence Stories Prompt. Please click through for the rules if you’d like to join in …


  1. It turns put that I have just what you wish for! I have high tech hearing aids that I need at this age for communication and to listen to the TV, but like you I am very sensitive to noise, the volume on these can be controlled from the app on my iPhone, and I can even mute conversations or noisy situations if I like. Most wonderful invention ever! 🙂 I loved your post, I could relate to it entirely!


  2. Wouldn’t that be wonderful! I’m guessing it’s the aging process that finds me saying to myself my hearing “isn’t what it used to be”, lol. Have to admit there were some poorly engineered concerts back in the day I’m certain damaged my hearing and yet, there are particular circumstances when it’s crystal. Yup. A volume control for hearing would be a most marvelous invention 😀
    So glad you linked!


  3. My mother has been almost deaf since I can remember and my Dad had hearing on one ear due to a WW2 bomb – so my acute hearing has always been a bit of an issue! 🤪


  4. Oh my word! I will let my mum know. She may well be interested. She has been hard of hearing since before I was born. I have amazing hearing – just too good! 😳 x

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