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It’s Poet’s Day

Today is Poet’s day.  Let’s celebrate it.  Much of what we deliver in our prepared speeches is poetic prose.  It is a form of writing that uses the aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of a language, combined with similes and metaphors that bring out meanings deeper than the mere definition of the words, themselves.

Tonight, we have four speeches to consider and there will be four evaluations.  We will have table topics after the break.  So that we finish at 9.30 tonight we don’t have a General Evaluator planned, however we will finish with a warm down and suggest that we share a critique of this meeting.  I am also asking all our evaluators to keep their verbal evaluations short as well as constructively sweet.

  • For our guests it’s important that you understand,
  • You’ll see us clap and shake a hand,
  • When we swap the floor and take the stage,
  • It gives the speaker a little cour-age,
  • Whilst Poetry does not have to rhyme,
  • At Toastmasters we must keep to time …

What a segue eh?  June Gill why are you sat at the back with a big box that’s black?

Our grammarian tonight is Siobhan Davies, Siobhan come explain your role

It’s time to get you speaking.  Introducing our warm up Dave – ‘the Bard’ Smith – by his own admission Wordsworth he is not but he had a darn good go last meeting didn’t he fellow Toastmasters?


Introducing the Speakers

Mentoring Today

We all know that mentors are individuals who provide social, emotional and knowledgeable support, they offer guidance and have some experience in a particular field that they can share.

Julia Martineau first encountered mentoring as an undergraduate. In this speech she shares why being mentored and being a mentor are two really important activities. Moreover, she shares how she believes technology has given more people access to mentoring opportunities; should they chose to access it.

With her speech entitled ‘Mentoring Today’ please welcome Julia to the floor …

The art of extreme time management and other radio stories

You’re about to hear how the radio industry can teach you extreme time management – and more!

At Toastmasters, there is the promise that this is “where leaders are made”. We can learn many techniques from coming here. Rick Simmonds has over a decade’s leadership experience – helped in no small part by Casterbridge Speakers and a self-development-book-addiction. Much of what he offers was learnt at the ‘coal face’ as a radio producer, presenter and manager.

With his speech entitled The art of extreme time management and other radio stories, please welcome Rick Simmonds …

Alex’s day out at naughty boys (and girls) driving school

Following a recent brush with the law, our next speaker, Alex Picot will outline why matching your vocal style to your message is so very important, when building credibility with your audience. I think the title of his speech gives you the very flavour of what to expect.

With his speech entitled Alex’s day out at naughty boys (and girls) driving school, let’s welcome Alex Picot …

The  Emperor’s New Clothes

Mona De Silva first joined Ferndown Speakers in 2012 but pulled out after some health challenges in the family. Then in 2016 she joined Hallmark Speakers and began her Toastmaster’s journey in earnest- completing both her Competent Communicator & Competent Leadership manuals.

And so onto Pathways … As a professional Realignment Coach – it was with some chagrin, she found her Pathways assessment came up with … surprise surprise Effective Coaching. Grrr!

Now! I am a tad concerned about the title of her speech so I have brought in a gown … just in case. With her speech entitled The Emperor’s New Clothes please welcome Mona de Silva …

To close …

The best celebration of Poet’s Day is to have a go!  You don’t know when if it will pop up as  a ‘great’ in the future.  Here’s a short  one that was written by a school friend of mine Nichola Bowers on Oct 25th 1974.

  • There is a teacher called Mr Heath
  • Who sat on his false pair of teeth
  • He said with a start
  • Oh God bless my heart
  • I’ve bitten myself underneath

Good night and god bless!

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