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The Winter Blues

Being a relatively resilient individual – I had always pooh-poohed the idea that something like the changes in the season can affect your ability to cope with life.  Until that is a few years ago.  When (as you do from time to time) I reflected on my life experiences.


I have had difficulties in my life, like everyone else, you know; divorces, redundancies and business liquidations! And whilst I wouldn’t say that I have bounced back immediately from those life crises, neither have I been clinically depressed.  However! I have had some major meltdowns in my life, they have usually been over nothing at all and …  have always been in November.  That is early November, post the clocks doing whatever it is they do and when the evenings have turned dark, very dark and quite suddenly.

This realisation was such an eye-opener for me.  I recall the time when:

I dobbed my alcoholic assistant manager in and got her sacked. She was really squiffed!

A boss wound me up so much that I put my hands around his neck and pretended to strangle him – he was really squiffed!

As the MD of another business I sobbed my eyes out because a branch manager had chosen to book Christmas week off –  I was really squiffed!

I took two weeks off sick because I could no longer cope with the internal politics that were affecting my delivery programme.  Two weeks – sick – really – me? I never go sick, even if I’ve been squiffed.

I could regale a whole load more uncharacteristic examples of pathetic meltdowns.  I have had fewer, since my revelation.  Thankfully, I have learnt that there is this small pocket of time when I need to be very conscious of my behaviour in relation to what’s really going on around me. And I am … really!



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