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One Small Step – A Toastmaster Area Director’s Diary

What a brilliant day!  The evaluations from the officer training day suggest there is some room for improvement so I look forward to honing my skills for the next one on 23rd January 2016.  Today we had 15 attendees:

Five fresh faced and eager officers from Hallmark Speakers, Four stallwarts from Casterbridge, Three serious elders from Ferndown Speakers, Two committed officers from Chaseside … And a brand new Area Director 42!  

I think there’s a song in there somewhere?

I was also delighted to welcome Peter and  Darima from Hallmark and Chaseside respectively; succession planning in progress already!  Talking of which – I’d like you to thing about who would like to take on the area director role next year … Just asking!!


Distinguished Club Programme

You may find using the Easy Speak website useful as it tells you where each of your members is in the competent communication journey and where they are in their leadership journey.  You will also need to consider how committed your members are to both the communication and the leadership projects.  If your club struggles to get people to commit to the Leadership Programme you this Blog Post of mine might help support you with some ideas.  One Trick Pony


1.  I am delighted that Hallmark has agreed to host the Area Humorous Speech and Table Topics Competition on the weekend of the 2/3rd October venue and date tbc.  Ferndown has agreed to support them and then host the International Speech and Evaluation Compettions in March 2016. 

2.  VPEs would you ensure that you include an Education Slot the week before your own competition on the process and judging skills.  Here is a link to some on line tutorials if it helps

(By the way … in an after meeting chat several agreed it would be good to have Area 42 Competition Winner Shields which will be engraved and kept by the clubs as an accolode to the area winner and to the club for its support.  I have found this shield which I can just afford within the area budget for all four competitons.  If anyone knows of a better deal then please let me know – especially if it’s a Dorset company!!!)

Leadership Opportunities

1. Ambassadors

The District is looking for volunteer ambassadors who will give feedback on the new combined communication and leadership programme which will come into effect around Sept 2016.  If you are interested in more information let me know.

2.  WingMen

I am looking for two ALB members who would like to undertake a project towards their Advanced Leader Silver awards.  Click here for more information about the High Performance Leadership programme

Moments of Truth

One of the exercises we tackled was a self evaluation of the clubs Moments of Truth (MOTs).  The MOTs form the basis of the Area Directors club evaluations which I will undertake in August and February.  Please would club presidents ensure all club officers who have not attended the officer training are aware of the Moments of Truth.


The Toastmasters International mission is to empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. The District UK South mission is to build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.  At our level (area 42) the mission is to provide a supportive and positive learning experience where members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

As committee members we have already bought into the above and relate to the International Toastmaster  values: Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence. 

Whilst I do believe in the above values and behaviours, as your Area Director my own values are summarised with the three letter acronym TTM – tiny things matter.   Get all the small parts working well and the sum is more than multiplied! Click here to find out more about how my values apply in my life … I’m MAD

My personal vision for Area 42 is to leave a sustainable legacy for my successor. I am not going out for a new club this year but I’d like to leave the area in a strong position for growth next year.  That means supporting our new and young Hallmark team, helping the Ferndown team reach the all important 20 membership, encouraging the Casterbridge team in their quest to support member goals and finally to fully include the Chaseside team in Area 42s delivery.

However, when we do decide to open a club, here’s some hints and tips which we’ll pop in a envelope to the club get the leadership right from the start!

IMG_1268 (3)IMG_1270      IMG_1269

My sincere thanks to all who attended today’s training – look forward to seeing you again soon and for the follow on training on the 23rd January 2016.  GOSH! 2016! 

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