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Bumps in the Road – Dorothy Brown, Even Keel Financial Ltd

The MoonWalk is not just another walk in the park … this unique event unites people across the globe in a single challenge of Power Walking a Marathon (26.2 miles).  It takes place each May around our Capital City in aid of Breast Cancer Research … decorated bras are optional. Last year, I undertook the challenge, and whilst at the time it didn’t seem like it, there are many parallels to being in business.

When we start out in business – we do it because we are passionate about delivering something of worth.  Sometimes delivering it is fraught with problems.  Almost at the moment I registered on the MoonWalk Challenge there were bumps in the road.  I damaged my knee on a short walk, then my walking partner changed her mind and moved away to boot!  (Now what?  I found another walking partner on social media – it’s remarkable what you can find if you ask the right questions!)

Whilst my knee was getting better I developed my fitness plan for reaching the ultimate goal of 26.2 miles in one night.  I planned a series of short walks, building up to 10 miles, then 15 miles then 20 miles.  The last two walks were 22 miles each.  The premise was that another four miles on top on the night would be manageable.

This helped me build up my stamina – again it wasn’t easy.  Since we didn’t know what the weather was going to be like on the very night itself we needed to keep up our training … regardless.  Do you remember the Valentine Storm of 2014?  We had to pick our way through the beach hut debris to complete that training session.


Management information is a vital tool for running any business.  The reviewing of it is vital and it will tell you exactly where you are financially in your business. There are always bumps in the road to financial recovery so when the business is suffering from lack of income for whatever reason, get some help to understand the consequences?  Resolving a financial problem is not a simple nor easy activity – having a plan and professional support can make some order of that chaos.

Finally the day arrives, it’s worse than flipping cold, there are 15000 people milling around the tent at Clapham Common and no phone signals.  It was luck, pure luck that I met up with my walking partner.   It took us 45 minutes to pick our way through the first two miles, due simply to the volume of equally excited bodies.  The darkest hour is a couple of hours before the finish-line.  This is the point we needed to dig really deep to find the passion that we started with to drive us on towards the finish.

The euphoria of stepping over the line makes it all worthwhile.  And so now what?  There’s a number of smaller walking challenges ahead. Annie Symes and I have registered for a sponsored walk around the Bournemouth Bay – to the end of the prom at Hengisbury Head and back.  If you spot us walking between Christchurch and Sandbanks by all means say hello and walk alongside.  We won’t stop.  No offence, but we have a mission.


Dorothy Brown of Even Keel Financial specialises in helping anyone in business who has a financial problem.  As a licensed insolvency practitioner she sees the result and the hardships caused by the failure of a business and so looks for alternatives to turn around the business rather than pulling the plug. She has been in insolvency for nearly 30 years and has a broad and varied experience of problem solving, running businesses and managing people.

Contact information: : 0845 450 3713 :

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