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Personal Challenges in Business

Exactly a month ago I was in Poland on a ski lift looking down at myriad black dots on the mountain side.  Some were zipping down skillfully negotiating the smaller blobs with an average age of five.  These little dynamites had their knees bent in a slight snow plough heading a great speed in a dead straight line down the slope.  There were snowboarders too; these were mostly seated squarely in the snow on their butts.  There were adult beginners pretending to be better than they really were, surreptitiously looking around when they recovered a messed up ‘parallel’ turn.  You’ve got to smile.

There really isn’t much point to skiing/snowboarding.  I mean, we were already at the bottom of the mountain before we got on the lift.  Each of us, however, was challenging our abilities regardless of our expertise and enjoying the success of each small achievement as it is realised.

Whether it is skiing or golf or swimming or … work, we all rise to a challenge.  The challenge, however, will be at different levels, depending on our abilities, experience and aversion to risk.  As business leaders we need to recognise that not just for ourselves, but our clients, our staff and other stakeholders.

As far as I am concerned the black runs are way beyond my skills and leave them to those that are less risk averse than me.  For some time I found getting around a golf course extraordinarily stressful.  That is until I determined it was just a great walk with something to laugh about on the way round.

The challenge I give myself at work it’s about what next can I learn and share with the people I know.  Sometimes I find that a little overwhelming too.  Then I remember that it’s all about continual small successes every day.


PS How do you challenge yourself without it becoming distressful to your business?

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  1. I’m with you on the importance of small successes Laura. It’s easy to get swamped with the enormity of a job/project but breaking it into smaller chunks and tackling it bit by bit makes you feel good in steps.

    For me prioritisation is really important… even if you nail a ‘big job’ it might make you feel like a winner for a bit but not if was at the expense of smaller jobs that were infact more important to the business. Conquer prioritisation, find success.


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