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The GOAL Keeper


images-2Whether we like it or not setting goals is a powerful way of making sure you get things done.  Research done by Yale university found that in 1992, only 4% of those they surveyed leaving university had their goals written down.  When following up their research 10 years later they discovered ‘the 4%’ had either achieved their goals or had gone on to achieve something else equally significant. What is more that same 4% were earning much more than the other 96% who had not written down goals.  Very powerful stuff!

Tip one

When you are setting objectives start by making sure they are SMART, strictly left brain thinking (bear with it) Specific or stretching Measurable Agreed upon Realistic Time bound For example “Write a unique time management workshop ready to market by April 2015”

Tip two

Then make them SMARTER by adding personal motivators that will encourage you to work towards this end goal and thus tap into your right brain thinking. Enjoyable and Rewarding For example “By April 2015 I will have researched and developed the content for, a managing time programme and researched its marketing potential ready for launch.  At each significant mile stone – I will go away for the weekend with my best friends to celebrate.” 

(For me the enjoyment is in the research and development and personal growth, the rewards are linked to the friends and family that want me to succeed.)

Tip three

Identify and write down your first steps toward achieving that goal.  Keep it somewhere where you will see it on a daily basis.  

For example “By 11th march I will have completed a Gantt chart identifying the key steps toward achieving this goal.”

Tip Four 

Commit to someone else your completing the goal by a certain time.  He or she becomes your GOAL Keeper.  

For example “On the 11th March I have promised Julian Carter I will show him my Gantt chart.”

Now as you can see I am well on my way to achieving a goal which has been a dream up until now.  I am just about to stick it to the inside of the toilet seat just so that I see it every day!!!

With thanks to Dave Carey of Insight Career Consultancy, and GOAL Keeper for his inspiration.

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