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Focus V Balance?

Juggling what needs to be done and what should be done and what is fun to do can be tricky.  The fun stuff can start to impinge on the stuff that has to be done in the form of procrastination.  Whereas working on the ‘need to’ and ‘should be done’ stuff all the time can make Jack a dull boy.

Jo Dale
has been going through this juggling feat herself recently.  Having run an executive coaching business for seven years she recognised the changes in the public sector purse and wanted to create a second income stream.  So evolved Dear Mrs Herbert, an online coaching business for professional ladies who want to create fantastic personal relationships as well as run a great business.  She has got so caught up in the building of this new business; teaching herself to Facebook and to tweet and having a great time doing it; that the need to and should do stuff started piling up.

With the new financial year just around the corner – this is as good a time for a new year’s resolution as any.  So here is an exercise to help you focus on your business and what needs to be done and creating a balance with all the activities you enjoy doing.

This is not a perfect world so there are chores and boring tasks that do need to be done in order for you to survive.  Earning a crust may be one of those.

  1. At the top of a blank piece of paper write down one thing you need to do in the next month that will make a big difference to your business.  If you did it.
  2. Draw a line down the middle of the page.
  3. List all the things you must to get that one item done, completed, finished, on the left-hand side of the page.
  4. List all the things you would prefer to be doing instead on the right-hand side of the page.  Dancing, snowboarding, dating, travelling, reading, socialising, speaking, online social networking, fencing, etc. (whose list is that then?)
  5. Go back to the first list of the must dos and add to it all the things you have to do on top of building your business, housework, cooking, pay the bills, walk the dog, travel etc, etc, etc.

Now consider how balanced your list is?  If it looks a bit skewed to the left then take a look at the list of tasks to get you to that one BIG step to business success.  Highlight the activities that can be done which are enjoyable.  The more of these small steps you can identify as fun the more likely it is you will tackle them.  If you don’t think the task is enjoyable how could it be changed so that it is?  So for example if one of the tasks is to do some market research and you do enjoy online social networking …. combine the two.  If you need to set up regular business one to one meeting but want to get fit, have your meetings in the gym or on a bike.   Ask yourself …

1.  What’s the one thing I need to do to achieve my goal?  2.  How will I have fun after it’s done or while I’m doing it? 3.  How can I be at my best?

When you enjoy what you do you are likely to do a better job.  When you do a better job you get more satisfaction.  So remember.  If you getting in a rut or you have lost your focus on the business.  Take a look at the fun you are having elsewhere and build it into your work routine.

With thanks to Jo Dale for her inspiration and ideas.

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