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Write your Epitaph

This You Tube link is quite a long one so I have placed it at the front of this Blog.  It’s the sort of music that you will be able to read and listen to at the same time … that is, if you don’t get mesmerised by the visual graphics.

I have been threatening to write this Blog for three weeks!  But I have been putting it off!  Actually it is not the link to a slightly depressing subject matter, rather the fact that I live in the moment.  Let me explain!
images-4Three weeks ago, Mark Pitcher challenged us to write our epitaph.  What would we like to be said about us at our funeral?  He asserted that this would really put our visions and goals into perspective.  Fired up with his enthusiasm I set about writing my own ………….

I am not unhappy with my life.  I love where I live, who I share my life with, I love what I do for a living and I have no regrets.  I live now to my max and whatever comes my way that challenges my fancy then that’s what I’ll do.  This makes it really difficult to say, such as, that I travelled the world or lived in the Outback or climbed Mount Everest or any other equivalent as this is not what does it for me!  I do love to ski but negotiating black runs doesn’t do it for me either. I am more the serious social skier.  Hic!

However, I do have that book or three that I am planning to write; and one day I would like to see it (or them) published.  This is something that has challenged me with since I met a guy called Alan Taylor, who started at Debenhams in Guildford at the same time as me, back in September 1980.  He was writing a fictional fantasy not dissimilar to Gormenghast.  In fact he introduced me to Peake, Tolkien and Donaldson’s work, for which I will always be truly grateful.

And so … “she lived each moment for the moment, everything had to be done now or not at all.  She learnt loads from others and relished in that.  Her greatest accolade is not so much what she achieved but the number of people she touched with her enthusiasm and encouragement.  She did, of course, have her best seller – for a while.  This touched many others.

She will be remembered in her adopted town of Weymouth quite fondly as a staunch business advocate for Southwest Dorset.  Latterly she undertook the Wanderer’s role, a place that had not been filled since the late Stiv departed.  She and she loved that role. Hic!”

Tell us; how would you like your epitaph to read?


  1. Ah, the challenges of an epitaph: it is pure closure and nicer if someone else writes it!
    I like the idea of framing forward planning, projected from looking backwards so I’m happy to think about an epitaph for any of my current goals. e.g A successful business? An epitaph (epitath) does indeed frame the vision of ‘why’!
    I like the notion ‘confusion’ in YouTube choice, for an epitaph that speaks to the world about what we’ve found out about it, rather than what we gave to it.
    The world is full of confusion unless you seek to remove assumptions. Of course a book gives more room!
    What more would you like in your epitaph about your book? Is it more than touching people with enthusiasm and encouragement?


  2. I am not sure whether is is nicer if someone else writes my epitaph or not. If I write it I am not quite dead am I?

    Of course I have no idea what my epitaph will say about the ‘best selling’ book that I wrote as I haven’t written it yet. I live in the moment remember!


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