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Naked Selling – aka without close!

Here are the 7 Secrets of the ‘Triple S’ Structured System of Selling that helps you close deals without ever having to sell.  It is about having a sales system.  A sales system that allows you to negotiate, present, persuade and inform effectively using a conversational style rather than a presentational one.

6a00d8341c53ec53ef019b04cc610b970d-800wiDelivery is everything… the way you discuss with your prospect the issues they are facing is the most important aspect of your sales system.  When sales people adopt a conversational style they tend to get inflection and tone just about right.  When sales people use a presentational style most use less expression, become measured, flat and dull.

It sounds easy enough but is not that easy in practice.

The secret of achieving consistent sales results is to have a system.  There are seven steps in EVERY successful sales presentation.  A planned system helps to give you confidence being able to get to yes and helps you keep in control of the meeting.

  1. Build Empathy or rapport.  Even before you make an appointment do your research on the company.  Check their website information and any online social profiles.  (LinkedIn is great for that!).  What can you genuinely connect with?  What’s in their office?  Photos, pictures, magazines …. Try not to use the fall back small talk on the weather or the journey.
  2. Start with three credibility statements – no more than two minutes.  Why you are good at what you do, what your company delivers and a benefits with out risk statement.
  3. Then spend 50% of your allocated time on questions – indeed interrogate if appropriate.  You need to know every related problem they are facing at the moment, you need to know what ambitions they have.  You not only need the big picture you need the whole picture.  Make notes!
  4. Check and Pre-close.  Summarise with a “correct me if I have got this wrong but what you’ve told me is ….” And if we can help you fix this problem, when would you be ready to start?
  5. Sell the Results.  This is your problem solving presentation.  Repeat the issue and how you can help – and illustrate what the end result of that will mean for their business.
  6. Check Again – ask “Is there anything I haven’t covered?” And clarify any confusion.
  7. Close the Sale– simply stop talking – just be quiet.

So remember, this is just about having a conversation which satisfies your curiosity.  Ask loads of questions; offer some solutions with a qualified presentation then ask for the business.  Then stop; be quiet for a while – give them a chance to weigh up what you’ve offered.

With thanks to Roy Griffiths for inspiration and ideas

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