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Float like a Butterfly; Sting like a Bee! – personal branding

Building a personal brand should be as an important part as the written material that you use to promote your business. Whatever your promotional spiel says about you should reflect the way you look and the way that you come across.

The first impression, your grooming, your voice and your body language is just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath is how capable you are, what your identity is, what your values are and what strengths you have. Here are some top tips to help you get the message across consistently.

First Impressions – First impressions need to be positive! It takes 21 subsequent experiences to change a first impression. Know yourself. These are the big questions you need to be able to communicate about yourself in the way that you dress, how you speak and what you say. Who are you? What do you stand for? What is important about your business? What are your strengths? What makes you different? What would be the three or fours words that you would like others to use after you have left the room? Go on … what are those four words?

Physical Presence – This is all about building relationships so what is your body language saying? Remember to smile and to maintain appropriate eye contact. Bearing mind personal comfort space and if they back off not to fill the gap. Equally if they stand too close to you step to the side rather than step back. Remember the impact of a wet handshake and a bone crushing one. Make yours firm but fair!

Appearance – 78% of business professionals said that what colleagues wore had a direct impact on their perceived ability of their colleagues. Above all be well groomed. (Eligibly, women who wear make up get 20% higher paid jobs than those that don’t! Not sure whether this is true for men who wear make up – if you have a comment on this please feel free ….)

Believe 100% in yourself and what you are doing. The best tip in this respect is to have a written business plan. A written business plan focuses your mind clearly on the earlier questions. And let’s face it if you are fuzzy in the head about your business then you will leak at the seams!


Finally, recognise your own self talk. Are you doing yourself down or building yourself up. Remember Mohamed Ali’s “I am the Greatest!” And at the time, he was wasn’t he?

Have a listen R Kelly this then tell us what your four words are: …


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