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Tag: Whole30

Never Again (LMMM & Blogtober Day 9)

WholeThirty? Never sayNever again!Lol  (Lanturne) PS – Tis day 9 of Whole30 and Go Sober – 22 more days to go! Also day 9 #Blogtober so linking with Christine, The Saxophone Player’s Wife’s troupe, for encouragement! The […]

No Word of a Lie (Monday Limerick)

Bank account is empty – don’t know why, There’s no wine on this diet to buy, Not being funny It costs more money – For ‘super foods’ and that is […]

Christmas Shopping (Blogtober #3)

Boyfriend’s downstairs mincing and chopping, Determined we should not be stopping; Sorting menus to dine With no glass of red wine – (Sigh) Guess it’s time to start Christmas Shopping! […]