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A Mob of Kangaroos

love some of the descriptive nouns we,humans, allocate to a collective or should that be a cluster?

imagesLast week, was the final of three,in a land down under, where I did see a mob of kangaroos, probably 30 in a field far away.

The whole idea of pigeon holing can be an emotive subject for humans, who seem to dislike the term.  However, we organise the animals quite happily: putting cows in sheds, horses in stables, pigs in sties and chicken in coops.

In addition to the homes we label, we allocate groups of animals a collective term too.  At a quick count I found 67 terms to describe a flock of birds.  Ooh! Flock wasn’t in that count … 68 then!

Geese have four descriptives; they are a gaggle, a wedge, a plump and a skein.  I wonder if anyone knows what differentiates a gaggle from a wedge? Or a plump from a skein.  Is it the numbers or the activity or both … I wonder?

Some of the ones I really like are: a gulp of swallows, a huddle of penguins, a party of peafowl and a wisdom of owls.  Then I smile at a murder of crows, a cauldron of hawks and a parliament of rooks and wonder if they would be offended by these labels, if they understood the discrimination.

Wouldn’t you prefer to belong to a charm of finches? Or a ballet of swans? Or a flamboyance of flamingos perhaps? And if you would … Then haven’t you pigeoned-holed yourself?  And; what’s more, would you be happy with the discrimination?

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