For My Mum (Weekly Haiku Prompt#337)

I am thankful for – The unconditional love, She has given me! ******* She has given me – Determination to thrive, Through life’s highs and lows! ******* Through life’s highs […]

Weekly Smile – (3TC #454)

It’s been a week of myriad smiles.  Yay!  Although I do have to confess to having sobbed over a soppy film on Saturday called “About Time”.  I have subsequently bought […]

Delete – (6WSP #69)

If only delete was an option … (Six-Word Story) Post inspired by Swheta’s Six Word Story Prompt #69 – please do click through for the rules if you too would […]

Languid – (Weekly Writing Prompt #188)

Her languid persona was something that really irritated her. It wasn’t so much that she thought her lazy; more that, her sister seemed to keep her figure without having to […]

Nativity – (Weekly Decima Prompt #36)

Wiping salty tears from their eyes, Parents chortled, snorted and sniffed, At – what was a glorious gift; Their little ones dressed in disguise. Mary, Joseph, three men so wise, […]

Being Human Being (One-Liner Wednesday)

“The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.” George Orwell Post inspired by Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday – Being Human Being Do click through for the rules […]

Mad & Sane (Weekly Haiku Prompt)

Oft life’s quite berserk, Are you mad, you crazy kid – Or … a Aladdin Sane? (Haiku) Photo by BROTE studio from Pexels Haiku inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt. Click through for […]

Weekly Smile – (3TC #447)

Awe! I got to have a get together with my Mum this week. The last time I saw her in real life was 20th September. She’ll be 90 next month, […]

Cherry Oh Baby – (Song Lyric Sunday)

I’ve gone with a cover of Eric Donaldson’s 1971 song by reggae group from England UB40. It’s on their 1983 album Labour Of Love. Feels like one of those ‘defining’ coming […]

Cut – (Rispetto Challenge #39)

You feel so down when you get to the big ‘But’ … After the rigmarole, you’ve had to address. Difficult to know why you didn’t made the cut, When you […]

Niggle – (Weekend Writing Prompt #187)

It had started to niggle, that rather irritating cough that wouldn’t go away – when working in the garden or worse when she left the house.  The brabbling drippy nose […]

Stable – (Weekly Decima Prompt #34)

We’re getting close to Solstice night, We have in store a wondrous treat, When Jupiter and Saturn meet, And offer us a superb sight. This shortest day oft tries our […]

Menu – (Six-Sentence Story)

The Christmas menu will be a little odd this year, there will be just the two of us and one has a shift on Christmas morning. We have planned a […]

It’s Beginning … (One-Liner Wednesday)

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”  – Plato Post inspired by Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday – It’s beginning. Do click through for the rules if you, too, […]

Weekly Smile – (3TC #440)

I have always chosen the first weekend of December to sort out the Christmas decorations. Every twinkling light, goes a long way to help ease the dark Winter nights that […]

Quixotic – (Weekend Writing Prompt #186)

The ballet was just beautiful to watch, so very sensual.  She had never experienced a ballet before. This one was quixotic; it made her eyes leak. (26-Word Micro-Story) Prompt inspired […]

Moonage Daydream – (Song Lyric Sunday)

Originally I found a brilliant video of EJ performing Crocodile Rock with the Muppets. Thought it would have been great to share, given our Covid reduced Panto season … sadly […]

Remorse – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #334)

A slip of the tongue, Can be undone, with good grace – And humble remorse. (Haiku) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge – Slip & Grace. Please click through […]

Weekly Smile – (3TC #433)

This week has been full of smiles. I can’t believe how many times we have had to move the lounge furniture this year. In out, in out; shake it all […]

I Love My Dog – (Song Lyric Sunday)

I’m going with Cat Stevens singing I Love My Dog – just because I love the simple irony … Cat Stevens (real name Steven Demetre Georgiou) was just 17 when […]

Dire – (Weekend Writing Prompt #185)

The muted muffle coming from the old record player was just dire.  We cleared off the dust inches, changed the stylus, rewired the speakers, to no avail; Pink Floyd still […]

Villain – (6WSP #66)

He was the villain in the piece … (Six-Word Story) Post inspired by Swheta’s Six Word Story Prompt #66 – please do click through for the rules if you too […]

Awesome – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #333)

Life feels fantastic – When you look out on a view that’s simply … awesome (Haiku) Haiku inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Prompt #333 Life and View. Click through for […]

Weekly Smile – (3TC #426)

Our Christmas Cactus that sits in the middle of the bay window sill, in the lounge had bloomed with a wonderful cerise cascade of flowers. It was truly a centre […]