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Tag: Philosophy

Rhythm – Ch#33 (Just one thing)

Listen to the rift – Rhythm is the essence of life, Feel its thumping beat. (Haiku) Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels Chapter 33 – Summary from the Wisdom of Mickey Hart  The […]

LISTEN – (Ch#9: Just one thing)

Get good at listening, learn things you don’t already know, You don’t have to be brainy to make it, Listen to brainy people! () Photo by jonas mohamadi from Pexels Chapter 9 – […]

Syzygy (Weekend Writing Prompt #164)

When Mercury is in retrograde, I blame the celeste for everything that’s gone awry. Shame it only happens thrice yearly. However, a syzygy occurs twice a month, – so why […]

ISOLATION (Ch#3: Just one thing)

Be patient, embrace the isolation, A must if you’re missing propinquity, Let go of thoughts of recrimination. Wallow not in regrets, nor self-pity.   Build a routine if you’re feeling […]

See & Listen – (Ch#1: Just one thing)

Let’s see everyone, We’ve all had parts in this play – Then, let us listen. (Haiku) Photo by cottonbro from Pexels Chapter 1 – Summary from the Wisdom of Bill Clinton The Post […]

Why do you care?

WHY do you care? Why DO you care? Why do YOU care? Why do you CARE? Amazing how the tonality of this small question can have so many nuances … […]