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Public Speaking, Toastmasters, Talks, Key Notes, Prose and Poetry … Always learning …

Choices – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #349)

In life there are those, Who like cookies soft not crisp – But there’s room for both! (Senryu) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #349 – CRISP & SOFT. Click […]

Karaoke – (Monday Limerick#49)

Our dear friend Whale, who lives in Hong Kong, So loves a karaoke sing song, It helps sort out his stress,  When his brain is a mess, And then … […]

Weekly Smile – (3TC #538)

If you have been following my Weekly Smile journal – you’ll know that last week was spent with my mother; her having been discharged from hospital with a newly pinned […]

Get Ahead – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #348)

Be nobody’s fool; Decide where you’d like to be – To get your head start. (Senryu) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #348 – FOOL & HEAD. Click through for […]

Weekly Smile – (3TC #531)

I am a bit late today, because I have been looking after my dear old Mum! She came out of hospital on Friday, having had her left hip pinned back […]

Start! – (Weekly Decima Prompt #45)

You’ve a great idea; take heart, Don’t listen to that niggling doubt; Check whether it has any clout. If research looks good on the chart, Don’t wait, take a step, […]

Nope – (One-Liner Wednesday)

“Tone is the hardest part of saying no.” (Jonathan Price) Post inspired by Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday – Nope. Do click through for the rules if you, too, would like to […]

Stuck – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #347)

Ease the ache and pain, Stretch your imagination – When your state is stuck. (Senryu) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #347 – ACHE & EASE. Click through for the […]

Weekly Smile – (3TC #524)

What a lovely start to the weekend, the glorious Snow Moon that seemed close enough to touch on Friday night and then that superb Sahara sunrise. Both boded well for […]

Chalk & Cheese – (Monday Limerick#48)

Debbie and her sister Louise, Were as different as chalk and cheese, One shy and retiring, One always aspiring, But both, have the most knobbly knees! (Limerick) Post inspired by […]

Bored? – (Weekly Haiku Prompt)

Where does time fly, When you’re having so much fun? Yet, it does not slip – When you have nothing to do, Nowhere to go, and you’re bored! (Tanka) Post […]

Reflections – (Tanka)

Look in the mirror, Who do you see looking back? Is it a fraught face, Or one that is at peace with The scars and marks of its age? (Tanka) […]

Weekly Smile – (3TC #517)

This week’s smile is a tad double-edged, bitter-sweet you might say. I finally got Dad’s estate sorted, as his executor, and distributed it, according to his wishes. For those of […]

Swap Shop – (Monday Limerick#47)

Geraldine woke up in a strop, Suggested she needed a swap, I’m bored in the kitchen … Wife; do stop your bitchin, You mow the lawn; I’ll take mop! (Limerick) […]

Get To This – (Song Lyric Sunday)

Twas a toss up between this and Bowie’s Five Years. Whilst a massive fan, I really couldn’t face the depressive story. So we have instead, this upbeat, jolly, little song […]

Gulp – (One-Liner Wednesday)

“Every sunny morning is a great fountain; we quaff ‘sweet hope’ from it.” ― Mehmet Murat ildan Post inspired by Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday – Gulp. Do click through for the rules […]

Rainbow – (Tanka Tuesday #213)

When you awake – just how do you feel? Where do you sit on the rainbow? What’ll make your eyes sparkle? Open up your Chakras; Let the light shine through […]

Fly South – (Weekly Haiku Prompt)

When bitter winds blow, Double your weight little bird – Tis time to fly south. (Haiku) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #345 BIRD & BLOW. Click through for the […]

Cash Flow – (Monday Limerick#46)

Frank, the financial adviser,Was often seen as a miser,He was never that flash,With his key client’s cash,And they were always the wiser! (Limerick) Post inspired by Esther’s Laughing along with […]

Weekly Smile – (3TC #510)

It’s been a lovely week. Lots of smiles to report. Boyfriend’s boy went to see his matrilineal kin for a couple of days before he headed back to sea on […]

新年快乐 / 新年快樂

Friday is film night in front of the box, The takeaway is less of a flummox With quite a full flagon And “Kiss of the Dragon”, Tonight we welcome the […]

Drive Slowly – (One-Liner Wednesday)

“Don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly” Proverb Post inspired by Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday – Drive Slowly. Do click through for the rules if you, too, would like […]

Armed to the Teeth – (Tanka Tuesday)

When life seems quite snug, Let’s not be too complacent. As armed to the teeth, We can fight those things that bite, Knowing we are well covered. (Tanka) This post […]