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The Impact Code by Nigel Risner

The Impact Code by Nigel Risner

The Impact Code by Nigel Risner

I have loved other books by Nigel Risner, having found them having a completely innovative and unusual take on their subject matter.  The Impact Code however, was unlike any other of Risner’s books.

This one right from the start I thought mmm I’ve read this before.  That is not to say it was bad but not quite what I was expecting from Risner.  I loved his ‘It’s a Zoo Around Here’ and ‘You had me at Hello‘ you will hear more of them in a later Blogs!  But this one well ….

The more I read into The Impact Code, the more I got into it.  Sure, I had read most of this stuff elsewhere but WHAT an encyclopedia of best practice it is.  And don’t we all need reminding what is important, and/or what we have learnt from time to time?  Here you have it all in one book!

Impact stands for:

In the Room – make the most of everything that is in front of you RIGHT now.

Model from the Best – who do you admire and why; then copy it.  It is flattering.

Passion and Purpose – be passionate and have purpose without either you’re heading for failure·

Action – you will not move an inch forward with the greatest ideas only action will drive you onwards.

Comic relief – Don’t do it if it makes you miserable.  There is so much more to life.

Trust – Stop being cynical instead learn to trust.

Slight disappointment for me that there was no reference to the grandfather of all self help books, Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence people” but then it is referenced to in most of the books that Rinser has referred to.  (and I promise to Blog about that one too!)

Anyone else read the Impact Code and if so your thoughts please?


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