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Category: Warm up

Oh la la! – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #312)

So many actions, Are taken with good intent, – Without prior thought. (Haiku) Photo by P C from Pexels Post inspired by Ronovan and his Haiku Prompt Challenge #312 Intent & Thought

Unwelcome – (Weekend Writing Prompt #163)

It wasn’t long before Bournemouths’ beaches nearest the two piers had filled with bodies of all shapes and sizes.  It was bound to happen, wasn’t it?  It’d been forecasted the […]

Do Not Resuscitate (6WSP #44)

“Leave me be …” the patient pleads (Six Word Story) Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels Post inspired by Shweta Suresh’s Six Word Story prompt – Leave

It’s Neverending (3TC #279)

Tis unusual –  To scoop a restful pause in A garden much loved (Haiku) Photo from Pexels Post inspired by Pensitivity 101 Three Things Challenge #279 Unusual, Restful, Loved

Feel the Music (3TC #278)

Listen To the rhythm In classic 12-bar blues Feel how the Cotton Fields, seep such Frisson (Cinquain) Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels  Music by Ace Canon – Tuff / Cottonfields Post Inspired […]

Butterflies (Wednesday One-Liner)

Butterflies in my tummy flit in line with my thumping heart. (1 line story) Photo with thanks to Pexels Post inspired by Linda G Hill One-liner Wednesday – Butterflies 

Change & Face (Weekly Haiku Prompt #311)

Green leaves change to brown, Our days are getting shorter, – Turn to face the fall. (Haiku) Photo with thanks to Pexels  Inspired by RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #311: […]

Travel – (6WSP #43)

She had planned to travel, alone. (Six Word Story) Photo by Ajay Donga from Pexels This six-word story was inspired by Shweta Suresh and her Saturday Six Word Story Prompt

Tony Hudgell – (3TC #272)

Blink! Tears ran down my face. (Six Word Story) Tony’s Just Giving Page  Image and story from by BBC Breakfast News Story   Blog Post inspired by Three Things Challenge   

Share & Voice (Weekly Haiku Prompt #310)

I best use my voice, when I understand your thoughts, – before I share mine. (Haiku) Photo from Pexels Inspired by RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #310: Voice and […]

Tough Times – (3TC #270)

Whisper in my ear, That formidable fortress, Can be scaled with grace. (Haiku) Photo from Pexels Post inspired by Pensivity 101 and the Three Things Challenge #270