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Short stories

An Extra Mile – Ch#36 (Just one thing)

Step out the limelight, Keep your eye out for chances – To use your fame well. (Haiku) Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels Chapter 36 – Summary from the Wisdom of Jude Law […]

Intent – Ch#35 (Just one thing)

Whatever you do, do it with firm intent, Not with abuse, nor rants, nor indignant shouts; A whisper can reach more, with your argument, The wrongful detention – no trial; […]

Ambition – Ch#34: (Just one thing)

What is wrong with having ambition? Regardless of which sex you are. It’s good if you can achieve More than what’s expected. The perception is, Irrelevant. So be kind, To […]

Rhythm – Ch#33 (Just one thing)

Listen to the rift – Rhythm is the essence of life, Feel its thumping beat. (Haiku) Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels Chapter 33 – Summary from the Wisdom of Mickey Hart  The […]

Stay Strong – Ch#32 (Just One Thing)

Observe, in the mirror, her refection, A woman … black … moreover … awarded. Ignoring, the barbed jibes, of rejection, Not rising, to assumptions, afforded. “Conservatory” arts well, rewarded This […]

Self as Agent – Ch#29 (Just one thing)

Let none destruct you – The sense of having a self, Is yours to define. (Haiku) Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels Chapter 29 – Summary from the Wisdom of Nitin Sawhney The […]

Conviction – Ch#28 (Just one thing)

Cogitation, Cautiously, thoughtful; Concentrating, obsessing, analyzing … The Conviction that’s bestirred. Considering, wondering, embracing … Cheerily, joyful; Contemplation. (Diamante) Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels Chapter 28 – Summary from the Wisdom of […]

Hope – Ch#27 (Just one thing)

Give everyone hope – Plus the means to catch the fish  To feed themselves with. (Haiku) Chapter 27 – Summary from the Wisdom of Alexander McLean The Post has been […]

Rigor – Ch#26 (Just one thing)

Don’t ever be late, Avoid all hippy, dippy dicks; Discipline is king. Be polite to waiters and – Make the most of lucky breaks (Tanka) Photo by Malidate Van from Pexels Chapter 26 […]

Nuance – (Weekend Writing Prompt #167)

The mentor muted “Capturing the nuance of pitch, tone, pace, and volume in your speaking voice is important when delivering your talk.  Using a high, angry, rapid-fire, shout will convey […]