About Laura McHarrie


Laura McHarrie is a business adviser, who knows how fit you need to be to start, build and manage a business. After an early climb up the corporate ladder, she started two businesses, a retail outlet and a freelance practice. In between, she was Managing Director of a medium sized fashion chain that she had to liquidate during the millennium dot com boom.  Working part time in a freight forwarding company, she trained for two years at Weymouth College. There she obtained a teaching qualification and for ten years put all that learning to practice, managing the brilliant BusinessXchange programme; a learning and support network for Dorset business owners. Now, she offers businesses the opportunity to engage with her practical and extensive knowledge of enterprise in four different ways as: a non-executive director, a business adviser or mentor, a business management trainer and strategic networker.

For more information about her career, her recommendations and her testimonials, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

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Four years ago, Laura became a founder member of the Toastmasters International Speakers Club in Dorchester, where new and experienced speakers meet up to hone their communication and leadership skills. She is involved with a social enterprise called the Champions Club Community and its charity The Humanity Fund.

Like all good networkers she is a socially active online and is an avid Blog Writer. Whatever is left of her spare time she likes to dance, share a large glass or two of red; she enjoys the theatre, travelling, rock festivals oh and skiing!

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