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Spring Forward – (Weekly Decima Prompt #49)

Tis the Spring equinox today.

Time to draw a line under all

That you chose to change in the fall,

But did not – much to your dismay.

Recriminations, let allay

Your rail against the culture shock.

Instead think things through, and take stock.

Tap the vantage, if you are smart

Of this chance, for a fresh, new start.

Let sunlight ease that mental block.


Post prompted by Ronovan’s Weekly Decima Prompt – SHOCK. Click through for the rules if you, too, would like to join in …

Post also inspired by Katherine Milkman and her Fresh Start Effect as a guest on Stephen Dubner’s Freakonomics Podcast.

PS Spring equinox is 20th March … in case you are reading this on a different timeline! 😊

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