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Tip – A flash fiction, decima

After years of renting it out,

Our house was in need of repair,

Ready cash was required, no doubt,

Imposs on a wing and a prayer …

Deposit? What’s that all about?

The mess we just could not escape,

Boxes were sealed with scotch tape,

We took all the crap to the tip,

Which took a tad more than one trip,

But … now it is looking shipshape!


August MorgueFile 2020 5a87cc3fc80b4f046c6

With thanks to The Purposeful Practitioner for the Flash Fiction Prompt #35b and to Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge


  1. i have had dupytrens removed from my right hand. I’m a bit drugged up at the mo. Dreamt up the story in recovery. It took some time to post! 😅

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