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Tortoise (Discover Prompts #16 – SLOW)

I think I should have been born a tortoise. The ability to bite if provoked and a firm shell to protect me from predators.  Plus the opportunity to hibernate for up to 10 weeks of the year.  How great would life be if we could sleep through the dark winter months instead of suffering seasonal affected disorder?

Did you know that tortoises are the world’s longest-living animals with a lifespan of between 80 to 150 years and that there are over 60 different species? There are five recommended pet tortoises, I think being a pet tortoise sounds sensible and five gives us a reasonable choice.

  1. Mediterranean Spur-thighed
  2. Leopard
  3. Red-footed
  4. Indian Star
  5. African Spur-thighed

Indian Star sounds exotic. What do you think?


Photo by Jonny Lew from Pexels

Whilst I jest, a tad, about thinking I ought to be a tortoise; I am slow.  I think deeply and take time to analyse, and consider all my options before making a decision.  I find my worst decisions are often those that were made on the fly.  Best to avoid doing that, if possible.  Sometimes, when things go awry, I have to make an on the spot decision, but I am likely to have done my background preparation and contingency planning, so most often the odd fly in the ointment is an irritant, not a catastrophe.

I love the quote from The Impact Code author, Nigel Risner. “When you are in the room, be in the room.”  I promise you will have my undivided attention, I listen carefully to ensure I get the full gist of what you are trying to tell me.  My high attention to detail can irritate the creatives and highly dynamic people I work with, especially when I pose question after question to get clarification.  I want, nay, need to fully understand what is being said, what’s going on, and what I might be getting myself in to.

I take the time to choose my words carefully because I care how you hear me and how I come across.  I want to make the best impression –  for all my slowness.  I like to think I am worth the wait.

As Stephanie Pettitt, my then client and now accountant once described me. “Quietly and thoughtfully Laura will listen to my excitable notions, before she delivers a piece of knowledge, from the depths of her wisdom, which reveals exactly what I need to know, at exactly the time I’m ready to hear it. As a mentor and confidante, she is a sort of ‘fairy godmother’ of business. Sometimes in one sentence, she can wave her magic wand and cause a positive paradigm shift that sends my head spinning into next week with new and proactive ideas.”

It doesn’t really sound like a tortoise does it?  But you slowly get my drift?



  1. “Cheers” Sam or: ‘proost’, ‘na zdravi’, ‘sante’, ‘cin cin’, ‘salute’ and ‘kippis’ … Please do add any others you know of from around the world? 😉

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