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Yuletide – The Longest Night

Laura McHarrie @ The Hidden Edge

The title strikes to the deepest fear of any insomniac.  Regardless of the varied reasons for sleep deprivation, the extra hour in bed that we get when the clocks go back is bad enough, and the longest night just adds insult to injury.  Don’t you think?

And yet – traditions (regardless of religious beliefs) ensure that the days following the longest night are filled with celebration, cheer and best wishes for the coming blossom of spring.  The advent of the longest night means that from now until mid- June the nights get shorter and daylight lightens our life.

Yuletide cites to the Germanic and Nordic roots of Heathenism or Paganism. Faith in the rise and fall of the seasons was significant to the welfare of the population and its wellbeing.  Rituals like the burning of the yule log, the bringing into the home evergreen trees or…

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