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Outsource Resource – Kate Chastey, The Passionate PA Ltd

If you are an entrepreneur running a small to medium sized business, it’s probably true that at some point you have felt frazzled! As business leaders, there are constant demands on our time, energy and money – and I know from personal experience and years of working with ambitious businesses that ‘frazzled’ is really not a good look.

So what’s the answer? Outsourcing.

Outsourcing tasks, projects or even entire departments has a huge number of pluses. Yes indeed it may be more expensive than doing it yourself, but what are the savings – time and energy, and of course quality of work and specialist knowledge. If you outsource to a expert, it is far more than simply getting the job done. Managed well, outsourcing can actually enhance your business.

Outsourcing is perfect when your business has a time, resource or skill shortage, but you just cannot justify a new full or even part-time employee. To outsource effectively means you delegate to skilled, professional, verified people – without a doubt someone that can do it better than you.

As witcontract-manufacturing-services-250x250.jpgh every business decision, the one to outsource should not be taken lightly. You must do it for the right reason, at the right time, to the right freelancers/company and you MUST retain con

Outsourcing is not about you not wanting to do something, or dare I say it, laziness. To outsource in a moment of panic will lead to tears. It must be done as part of your business strategy in order to move you forward to your next goal.

So how do you do it effectively?

Well, there is no quick fix I’m afraid. To begin with I would advise brainstorming what you want your outsourcer to do and clarifying the skill set required to do it well and timely. You will need to search for the right person for you. Once you find that person or company it’s imperative you have a commercial arrangement rather than an unstructured or informal one. Write a very clear brief of what you want to be achieved, the budget and what success looks like. Review the work together and communicate openly and honestly. And remember too, if your outsourcer does something differently to the way you would, or suggests something radical… it may just be their specialist knowledge. Open your mind and be ready to see your business (and future) through fresh eyes.

Outsourcing does need clear leadership and a mutual desire to achieve the business vision. It can absolutely strengthen your business – done well, it’ll probably be one of the best decisions you make.   


Kate Chastey (left) is Director of The Passionate PA – a team of highly skilled, motivated and efficient executive level personal assistants that work with entrepreneurs and business leaders across the South West to get their ‘to do’ lists done.
Tel: 03 3000 20 200

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