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Six REally Powerful Words

There are six words that are incredibly powerful; because they take the best elements or ideas from the past and apply them to the present and the future ….

What a positive and creative way to challenge your thinking about your business and its growth potential this next financial year. These words imply momentum, progress and improvement.

reTo renew is to take an important product or corporate commitment and reassert it.

To revitalise is to take something that is deteriorating and inject new life into it.

To rejuvenate is to take something old and bring it up to date with a more youthful feel.

To restore is to take something old and return it to its original lustre.

To rekindle is to inject an emotion or passion into something tired and staid.

To reinvent is to redesign or reform programmes or services to give them a new look.

The RE ‘prefix’ is just one from a list of 21 words and phrases for the 21st Century by Dr Frank Luntz  in his book Words that Work.  It’s a terrific tome of good advice about … well words that work.  If you have a business that needs to communicate with its clients, suppliers, collaborators, influencers and competitors; and you need to find words for your champions then this book is well worth the read.

2Q== PS Luntz also mentions  redesign, reform and rebuild which, I think are not so creative, but imply responsibility and are great to include in your rally.

What other re- words might work for you in your business?


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