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Bold Goals

Probably the most famous of Bold Goals has to be JF Kennedy’s landing a man on the moon and returning him to earth safely by the end of the decade.  A mission statement by anyone’s standards.

But how does that really apply to us ‘mere’ entrepreneurs in Dorset?


Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Accordingly to Ernest D Skipper, a Bold Goal is a far reaching destination where the path has yet to be determined. The journey doesn’t start with a strategic plan, but an EXPECTATION of success and a BELIEF in your ability to make things happen.

Most successful entrepreneurs are end-result thinkers, but not everyone they work with will see things the same way.  There are many who will point out the blind spots.  It is useful for entrepreneurs to recognise when they face a blind spot, as these may be obstacles that will need to be got round or over with some contingency.

When you have an unshakable belief that you can achieve something that other’s don’t get, maybe you just need to rethink how clearly and confidently you are communicating that Big Bold Goal.  It’s not that easy to put your vision and mission into two short sentences but this is something Vicki Tongeman and Nathalie Sherring have been working on with me for the last few weeks.

Life and Money Skills

Our vision is that everyone has the skills to manage their money, pay their bills and achieve many of their personal and social ambitions.

Our mission is to empower 10,000 families with money management skills over the next 10 years though the delivery of the Life and Money Skills Programme for £10 per head.

That’s one Bold Goal – don’t you think?

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  1. A key point to remember when developing mission and vision statements is who they are aimed at. A mission statement is more often than not a clear statement that provides direction and motivation internally for the key leaders and stakeholders in a business. The vision statement is more outward looking with words that inspire your customers and employees to continue working with you. I think the above examples hold true to this. Helpful – let me know your thoughts on my facebook page


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