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Excited by your Vision?

Question – Are you still excited by the vision for your business?

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It’s a big question that has plagued me personally, in the last three months.  It has been an interesting and frustrating couple of weeks as there is an awful lot of theory about WHY you should have a vision for your business.  And whilst I don’t want to slip into telling you what you should do, I do recognise that a destination is essential to establishing a direction to head toward regardless of the choice of routes.

However, there is very little to help you ‘find’ a vision if the one you have right now no longer motivates you and then; what if … you are happy with where you are right now?  Should we always be striving to be bigger or better? Fried and Hansson in their book Rework suggest that small is a destination in itself.

Many blog posts refer to the five year vision, or grand plan.  I prefer to call it the five step plan as growth spurts do not always slip nicely into 365 days.  What happens when you have got to step three?  Now you are half-way towards your final destination, is the vision still as motivating or demanding?

Or are you, like me much more motivated by immediate and quick wins?  Is getting to Mars a leap too far when Melbourne next March is still half-way around the world and a pretty good result?

The ability to be visionary may well depend on your personality type, and what works for me may not necessarily work for you, so I have included three links in this post that you may find useful if, at the moment you are stuck; for whatever reason.

  1. Create a Business Vision Board using Pinterest
  2. A Harvard Theoretical Model using Big Business Examples
  3. Probably the best example of questions to ask yourself of the future

Please share your vision if you have one or your philosophy if you don’t – I’m keen to know.

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  1. “The ability to be visionary may well depend on your personality type, and what works for me may not necessarily work for you”

    Love this line. The passion and excitement you feel for your business is infectious. If you cannot stop smiling and are enthused and enthralled by what you do, then others cannot help but feel inspired and enthused too.

    I try to maintain one clear vision, with slightly flexible plans, so that the goal is fixed, but the pathway to achieving it allows flex, reflection, rest and maybe a few ‘Kodak’ moments because it’s not all about the destination…it’s good to enjoy the journey too.


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