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The Doughnut Principle

According to Tori Amos; “You’ll never gain weight from a doughnut hole”

I think this is something that Charles Handy would not only smile at but probably concur.

In his book, The Empty Raincoat (chapter 4 for those of you who don’t want to read the whole book) Handy suggests our lives can be likened to a doughnut.

The circumference of your (ring) doughnut is only so big.  The more you stretch the doughnut hole with the duties you have (to be successful in business) the less doughnut there is left.  These may be self imposed duties or they maybe duties that have been mapped out for you by over zealous E-Myth converts.

Whichever the scenario the remaining outer rim of your doughnut is all the time you have for the creativity in your business and other important but fun stuff in your life.

This leads to a paradox and Handy is fond of those.  Your friends and family like you better when you are less successful; as you have more time to listen to them, appreciate them, and have fun with them.  The chances are that you, too, like your friends better, when they are not quite so successful, for the same reason.

Interesting questions for the professional business start up.  What is success for you and does it impinge on your doughnut time or are you doing something you love so much that the your doughnut is just full of jam?


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