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A World Without Words

I am, at the moment, on holiday in Obertauren in Austria.  The key board is slightly different here so if the spelling is slightly dodgy then please blame it on this!  Obertaurnen is where the Beatles recorded Help!  I believe in 1965.

And having spent some time visiting a photographic exhibition here this morning it spurred me to think about a world without words!  IMAGINE!


A world without words? Music yes, pictures yes, but words no!  There would be no mobile phones, no books, no letters or Blogs; just music, body language and sex.  Now I quite like dancing myself, but my husband has no rythym for dance, so it begs whether we would ever have got together had it not been for the latter.

So let’s weigh it up?  Imagine the world without Boy Bands?  Without words the music is all the same and so is the dancing!  Imagine the world without Eastenders.  No point in watching that or any other soap without words either.  Bonus!

We wouldn’t need French/English* dictionaries as the world would have one common language based on visual stimulation.  There would still be the news and weather forecasts.  And many other programmes stimilated by visual attraction.

There would be math so there is no reason why we shouldn’t be stimulated by darts, golf, football and other team sports but; there would be no commentators.  That way I guess we can make our own minds up whether any of the players are off side.  Indeed would there be an off side rule or any rules for that matter?  Hmmm!

Without words there could be no such thing as kidnapping, polititians, and karoake.  Sorry Japan! Then again we would miss out on interesting, amusing, creative and facinating minds like:

  • Jasper Carrot, Kenny Everett, Ant and Dec.
  • Martin Luther King, Churchill and all the Kennedys
  • Bowie, Bono and the Beatles.

To name but a few.  I am sure that I will add others with a bit more thought and that you can add some of your own to this list that without words would have had to find another way to be great?

* Or any other language foreign to me.

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  1. Are not written words just complex pitcures: a visual representation of what we want to express?

    Freedom of expression would take on a whole meaning though if limited to ‘music, body language and sex’ or any combination of these!!!


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