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Please Rise for Rose! – THE Eulogy

Unknown-1I heard today that Jonathan Rose has died.  I feel quite shocked and just a little wobbly.

He was a remarkable networker and founder of the popular Carrington Club in Bournemouth.  He was larger than life and as Debbie Tarrier put it on her FB profile, very much the Marmite man.  I’m pretty sure he’d have liked that description.  Marmite or not, most will concur that the network circuit will be significantly lighter without his presence.

What I appreciated most about Jonathan was his uncanny ability to make appropriate connections/relationships for his clients. Isn’t that; the epitome of what networking is all about?

Sleep well Jonathan.

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  1. Nice words Laura….

    He’ll be missed that’s for sure, and yes, above all else, he truly understood and applied all of the right elements of networking. He always seemed to be actively promoting business for others, in fact, I can’t even remember the last time I heard him talk about his own business proposition.

    Just think about that. Here’s a man leading one of the biggest networking groups in Dorset, hosting a minimum of three meetings a month, what an opportunity to talk about himself…. but he never did. Not once did I hear him talk about himself. What a man.


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