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The Road to Gelidonya

Yassassin is Turkish for ‘have a long life’ this Bowie tune works really well with the following story.

There is a lighthouse at Gelidonya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey …. Allegedly!  On the last day of the summer, we decided to visit it. Despite carefully planning the route on the road map; the long, rocky car ride led to a complete a dead end.  Not a single lighthouse was to be seen, indeed.

The road to Gelidonya has since become our metaphor for getting nowhere slowly (and arduously).  Sure there were flashes of fun that peppered the route – a panoramic vista, a couple of frolicking mounting goats, a dip in the sea, a picnic lunch but the rest of the ride was no more than a dusty chore.


In our working lives we are often told to have a goal or a destination to aim for.  When do you decide that enough is enough and it’s time to change direction or just stop off and enjoy where you are now?  Despite having a worthwhile destination this was one of those journeys where a detour off the chosen path may have been more fruitful.  Moreover a change of route may have found us in the place where we wanted to be after all.  Some times all the planning in the world doesn’t get you to there.

I love this quote from Jon Bon Jovi … Map out your future, but do it in pencil.

How about you?  Do you have any Road to Gelidonya stories to share?


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  1. Nice article.
    Taking hold of your metaphor and running with it….
    I often ponder on the fine line between tenacity and foolhardy.
    I think of of the many businesses that I meet, where they are trying to get an idea off the ground, with the money hemorrhaging out of the funds, and balancing all of this, with my own opinion on their business proposition. You see many that look and sound fantastic, but you equally see others that are just not good.
    The business owners involved always remind me of contestants on a game show, where, when told they are not up to scratch, always issue the retort, “what do you know about it… I’ll show you, I’ll go do it anyway and you’ll wish then that you’d signed me up”. They seem to have a blind faith that despite unanimous advice to the contrary, their business WILL work.

    Maybe it will, and we were all wrong, and their tenacity paid off.
    Maybe it wont, and we were all right, and their foolhardiness shot them in the foot.


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