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A Perfect Leading Question!

Hands up how many people think Health & Safety is just common sense and is over regulated?  How many think common sense is a paradox – it’s not as common as its name implies?

I have Trevor Felgate of Kingston Maurward College to thank for making this simple but ‘bleedingly’ obvious statement!

As it happens, the UK has the least regulated Health and Safety requirements AND the lowest fatalities of those in employment of all European countries.  That’s all European countries including Scandinavia (which you’d expect to be top wouldn’t you?)


The problem is not that the UK government has left the legislation open to interpretation but the lack of common sense owned by those that implement the regulations.

So when you hear that teachers can’t put a plaster on a child, that graduates are not allowed to throw their hats in the air, and that children must wear goggles when playing conkers – think again.  When you hear that people must wear ear plugs when they go to a concert and hanging baskets are banned in case they fall on someone or all office equipment must be checked by a qualified electrician annually … challenge it.

It may be obvious to you that it’s common sense but to the person who’s weighing up the pros and cons of litigation may think otherwise ….

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  1. love the music, my feet is still tapping alright!

    For almost a decade, I used to be a health and safety professional; does this mean that i have loads of common sense? YAY for me! I really think this is a complement.

    And yes, health and safety is a common sense and it’s a sense non too common. However in my part of the world, it is definitely not overly regulated, if it is at all regulated. Just a while back, I saw a perfectly decent looking family in SUV – the father driving with the baby in front with him. And they seem to be having a great time while I am ranting to my husband how they should just kill the baby on purpose; it’s more humane!

    As common sense as it is, people are not aware of the risks and this is the challenge of most of the professional in this field.

    I should stop writing before I end up whining. 😉


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