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Two Tribes go to War – Personal Musings

Over the last year, I’ve taken to writing myself letters.

I am heading into a time of life that I flippantly refer to as the mental pause.  This has something to do with my walking up the stairs for something, then having to go down them again to remember; then forgetting what I have gone down the stairs to remember …

Mmm! Now where was I?  Any woman of a certain age will ‘get’ this.  Men bear with me.  These letters look nothing like the pragmatic, liberal view on life that you see in these Blogs.

imgres-2These letters have voiced my opinionated anger, my self absorbed sadness, and quite often completely erroneous instructions.  It’s a good job I never sent these to myself or the real intended recipient!  However, the process of writing down these destructive thoughts that had been whirling around my head made room for more pleasant ones.

Moreover, the process of reading what I had penned allowed me to put myself in the shoes of the recipient. Mostly I found myself horrified and sometimes I laughed out loud at my emotionally charged writing.  It allowed me to recognise that there are always two sides

Reading age 6.8

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