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Trust? – A question of leadership

It’s a small word with huge consequences. It is incorporated commonly in the networking phase that people do business with those they know, like and trust.  Yet, I have been known to say that I trust no one but myself.  Let’s face it; only I know, whether I will or won’t do what I have promised.

Now that is not to say that I automatically distrust someone, which would imply some doubt about a persons intentions or indeed mistrust implying a wariness of the same.  Either would be wrong without tangible evidence of proof.

However, whilst I claim to not trust; I have trusted both my husbands with my life.  I am a diabetic and over the years both have corrected my unconsciousness many a time.  But … would I trust either with a secret?  The first absolutely, the second no way!  Would I trust them with another woman?  The first no way the second absolutely!  You see what I mean – small word; big implications.  I think that trust means different things to different people and there are absolute degrees of trust.

1655-71a49f78Here are some key pointers from Charles Handy the owner of the trust control dilemma where trust + control is the sum of the whole.

The more trust the less control.  The more control the less trust …  Trust is not blind, Trust needs boundaries, Trust demands learning, Trust is tough, Trust needs bonding, Trust requires leaders.

So what does trust mean to you?  Do you automatically trust that someone will do what you ask of them or do you put in place an insurance policy to ensure that they will?



  1. I have a real issue with this question of ‘trust’ Laura. The reason is that it’s one of those hard to define words and what ‘trust’ means to me is very different from what ‘trust’ means to you – a bit like that other big word LOVE. For me, trust is implicit in my relationship with someone, and I will have different degrees of trust with different people and dependent on the type of relationship I have with them. I trust everyone, always have done; it’s just that with some I’ll give more of myself away and with others less.


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