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Bet you’re thinking this is another blog about text?  Mais non; pas de tout!

I have always loved classic cars.  Indeed I have had my very own – admittedly it was 1975 MGB GT, sunshine yellow, with rubber bumper.  Now I know that it is considered fairly sacrilegious to class the rubber bumper as a classic.  But hey when you have spatial awareness that is a vague as mine, a rubber bumper is a bonus! And Billy did come with the above somewhat appropriate number plate.

I digress.  I have always loved classic cars.  So when the chance came to accompany a group of friends to Silverstone classic car racing supported by a Santana outdoor concert; (here is another classic  I leapt up and down at the chance.  Yippee! 

After a fairly long and tedious drive, the contingent ambled in by foot to the Silverstone circuit via the various car club set ups.  By consensus we stopped at the Jaguar Club exhibition for coffee.  Always, I have been very fond of the E-Type much to the scorn of my friends.  In my opinion, the E-Type has got to be one of the most iconic of the 1960s; it is pure showmanship.  I love the curvy shell, which is just so sensual with its extended ribbed front end.  And if I am honest I do prefer the coupe (in black) which again is probably not the most classic answer.

Now whilst we sipped espresso we did get the opportunity to talk to a Jaguar racing couple who for the purpose of this Blog we’ll call Mr and Mrs Newly-Rich.  If they hadn’t been racing their restored XK, they would have dropped in by helicopter.  It turns out that Mr Newly-Rich is currently restoring an E-Type.  He did however, have an irritating tendency to talk over the top of my head with technical car jargon.  His wonderful E-Type had a straight six/V-twelve engine; it had bigger grille and flared arches, the capacity was up to 5343cc which gave it a significant 265 BHP and of course a top speed of 150 MPH.  Actually!  All I wanted to know was what the colour was.   It turned out that, for some bizarre reason, he was not going to restore it to its original maroon, instead he was going to re-spray the car black.  Don’t get me wrong I do love black classics but not when they should be maroon. 

1973 Jaguar E Type S3 V12 FHC For Sale

On a tour of the rest, I so fell in love with a handsome olive Jaguar XK 140.  Now this marvellous machine has been restored by some folk in Sherborne.  This is not a million miles from where I live and if it is you by the vaguest of chance?  Then jargon aside; would you take me for a ride? 


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