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Where’s the Passion? – Personal Musings

I have attended the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival today for the very first time. I am aware of their wrong doings – albeit for what turned out to be the absolute right reasons. It was the same with the Suffragettes. Both took a stand, broke the law and suffered the consequences for what became a huge benefit to others. They instigated a change in the law. When I walked around today’s festival there were a number of things that struck me. But before I explore those you need to know three things:

I am liberal (small l). In principle I have an open mind that can be easily swung.
I am also really curious. I want to know why. I think I have a green agenda.

I wandered around the stalls which included Cubism, Communist, Transition Towns, Marxism, Green Party, War on Want, Green Peace, to name but a few, and have been bombarded with brochures. Brochures that to be honest will probably end up in the recycle bin in a couple of month’s time. What a Waste! And so much for being ‘green’.


What I want to know is where were the passionate speakers prepared to take the floor and persuade me that their cause is worth my time, effort and possible pound to support? Only once did I hear someone prophet his passion. His was that memorable that I have lent the words to the opening paragraph of this Blog. But to be fair this was a ‘right to respond’ comment and not what I would suggest was a call to action. Where are those advocates offering their view on society and how they would make it better?

When the marketing copy said there was a Speaker’s Corner that was what I was expecting. Not tables stuffed with brochures full of information I can obtain from the Internet, but people who are passionate about their cause. Maybe Britain, having recently elected two British National Party representatives to be European Members of Parliament, will encourage other minority parties to speak up now.

Jim Knight (our local Labour MP) is a nice guy. Met him on many occasions BUT he is involved in middle of the road politics. This makes him pleasant but not passionate. Where are the challengers, what of the competitors, who are the contenders? It seemed to me that all the passion was stuffed behind the brochures and leaflets and the advocates were only prepared to ‘sell’ to those who ask the questions, who essentially are already on side.

Will I see the others tomorrow perhaps?


  1. The lack of passion is due to the “honourable” Toll Puddle Martyrs being hi-jacked by today’s Labour Party, TUC and co-operative movement; a triumvirate, all parts of which, moribund bodies, led by insipid bureaucrats intent on maintaining the status quo and their own sinecureships and thereby, hopefully, leading themselves on their way to extinction.
    For passion you need vision, mission, a sense of purpose and a zeal to share this with everyone else. The labour party, TUC and co-operative movement have lost their way as they are not needed in the new millennium, they were organisations for a time in history that is totally irrelevant today!
    Let us remember the sacrifice made by the Martyr’s and forget the Hi-jackers of their cause!
    Let us also remember the business lesson that we have to re-invent ourselves and our offering to our clients perpetually in order to stay relevant each and every day!
    The Very Open-minded Listening Transmogrifier!


  2. Dearest transmogrifier (someone who changes the appearance of form of something especially in a grotesque or bizarre way). Your passion is well heard! But sadly if your words don’t make sense even in translation the impact is lost. Love the word sinecureship but you probably could have used sinecure and increased the readability statistics by 1 percentage point! For those avid readers of my Blog, my apologies that this reply has the highest reading age I have ever posted!



  3. Like it…. and what PASSION.
    Like you, I’d have been dissappointed to not find real speakers at a ‘speakers corner’. Where’s Tony Benn when you need him. I could listen to him for hours, as, if nothing else, he’s knowledgeable and passionate about whatever he takes part in.


  4. Tony Benn was there on Sunday along with some other well spoken and passionate people like Billy Bragg but that is another Blog in the posting! This is about the common people and their voice – or lack of it!


  5. Dearest Laura,
    I prefer the Oxford Reference for transmogrify …to change in a magical or surprising manner…although, I do agree with real passion that I would like to change the appearance and form of the triumvirate in a grotesque and bizarre way! You know my passion is to “renew” every aspect of our life, our business, our economy and our government!
    I trust the rest of my passion in reply was readable and understandable.


  6. is there a similar a word to triumvirate to describe transforming four aspects? Life, Business, Economy and Government? Just thought I’d ask! Call me pedantic.

    In the meantime wondered how you might suggest this should happen?


  7. To answer your question, quartet would do, the sum of four bodies. I will call you pedantic, it is very clear that I was referring to my previous post; the triumvirate being those three grotesque socialist bodies!
    Please “Pop in” and view my latest “mind map” of how local and national government should be “transmogrified” in a magical and surprising way; costed as well! This will lead transmogrification in all aspects of our lives and make the world a better place!
    Following your example I am about to start a blog explaining this topic…thanks for the intro!
    Good Night!


  8. If you will use words like triumvirate what do you expect? Nevertheless excellent can’t wait to read your blog please add the post here so anyone interested can continue the read.


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